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Friday, August 23, 2013

Final Exam.

There's something about final that scares my guts out. Failure. The feeling of having regrets. The feeling of knowing that you're not doing good enough. The disappointment on your parents face. All of this.

Like seriously , I'm not ready for the final. It just come to fast. There're to many things that I need to revise. I screwed up in many subjects so far. I keep on regretting why I didn't study earlier ? Why I wasted my time watching movies , hang out with my girls , sleep and etc.

It's okay , girl. It's not too late. You still got one week before final. Follow your timetable. Strive till your last breath. Heh. But not to forget , pray to Him. Doa , Usaha , Tawakkal. I guess I forgot one more. It start from word 'I' but I can't remember it right now.

 Goodluck , girl.