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Friday, September 6, 2013

Farewell UTP

Hellooooooooooo holidays ! After all the challenges and obstacles that I've been through , I finally could enjoy my long holidays. Hyperbola much huh ? Like seriously , I never felt long holidays. After SPM , I got PLKN then a week later, I got an offer to UTP. Because of UTP's system is quite 'unique' , we never get 2 months holidays like others and our sem break is different with others. I'm kinda excited with my sem break. What I'm going to do ? Part-time work ? Or just spend my time watching movies , sleep , 'ternak lemak' at home ?

Through out the final exam , there're negative though and dark mood come to me. I became over sensitive and super annoying. I'm easily get offended with others. Thanks to Akbar, he patiently entertain my whims. With patience, he boost my spirit even though I know he is also worried about the final exam. And also thanks to my lovely girlfriends , for willingly to hear my rubbish thought. One thing that I've learned through out my breakdown, fall out and depression is that sometimes it's not enough to just feel grateful with everything that you have.

To everybody, sometimes you have to be patience with the things that life spit at you as well. You may not like certain things that life offers you now, but later you'll realized why it happened that way. But you just have to be patience to know the reason why.

So, happy holiday Auni !